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Doubts about bounty
How does it work? Give me a full ansr in detail. I know how to put bounties but what happens after that. What did I do by putting a bounty on some1? Plus how do I claim a bounty. I'm ma gud player so I'll kick some A
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fairly sure bounties are broken, i don't know if they've been fixed in awhile.

when you put a bounty on someone, another has to beat the target in a match. once that happens, the attacker get the bounty you put on the targets head.

to claim bounties,i think all you have to do in win a game against them. but like i stated before, i think bounties are broken right now
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I'm pretty sure that you just get the tc by beating that person in a fight, in my honest opinion though bounties are a waste of time, unless you know the person really well and can easily track them down in-game.