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Hello everyone, my dearest apologies if I'm posting this wrongly. It has been years since I've last checked the forums.

At any rate, I'm here to ask for help: I've manually downloaded the 512 textures templates from it's place of origin, but I feel as if I'm missing something.

Is there any complete pack for it that I could more easily download?

On the same subject, I do not own any texture item. How can I experiment and try the textures I will possibly make in the future? I need to raise some cash to get back into this and apparently textures are still a good way to go.
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there is no such package to my awareness, possibly one around the forums.

to test textures, you can use uke, tori or any other player who has a full set of texture items.

simply direct to their customs folder (inside your toribash folder, for me that is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Toribash\custom if using steam.)
then insert the textures as .tga files with the name of the bodypart, such as head.tga would replace the existing head file ingame.

to get an idea on names, i took my folder as example (owning a full texture set)

(you get the idea how it works)

to view it ingame, go into singleplayer or anywhere else and type /lp 0/1 (depending if you want to show it on tori/uke) playername.
example: /lp 0 unicorn

to make uke/tori/the player appear as usual you can either delete the folder inside the customs folder of them or type /dl name which would download automatically all the up to date textures of said person.

feel free to ask if something is unclear.
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