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How to use sets?
I recently bought a set(That box in which u store items) for 10 tc and it isnt in my deac....i wanna know how to use it. How to store items in it. How to rename it,etc.
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click this:

also in your inventory theres checkmarks to the left of items you can check the items you want then above your inventory theres a dropdown menu and you can select i think it says 'send to set'
As Elite said, sets are not displayed if they are empty, you can tick the 'show empty sets' to have them displayed.

Alternatively you can check the items you want to add to a set and add them with the dropdown menu (you can find it right above your items)

Check the items and move them to the set, it should now be displayed right in your deactivated or activated.

You can also change the name with the 'edit' button.
It's a great way to keep things organized, have a look at my deactivated or activated
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