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Valkirye hair
Explain me :
i don't have valkyrie hair but in the game i have this , and i want to have my swag cap but i don't can't look this
It has been posted approximately 7482737393847 times, but here we go:

3d items are currently broken, devs know it and will provide us with a fix as soon as possible
Uhmm, could you further explain this, I do not quite understand your problem.
If it is about your objects not showing up, it's because of a bug that is currently being fixed by devs.
If this isn't what you are referring to I do not understand this question.

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Ikoorie, hi! Right now there's a bug in the game that for some reason will shove a random item onto your face, even if you don't have that item. This is because the code for custom items(specifically the new wings) was recently updated and there's a conflict with certain code, which causes this weird glitch. Everything is screwy, but sit tight and everything will be sorted out in the coming weeks.