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Random terrible game performance
Hello, I'm here to ask for help on an issue that only I seem to have.

For a few months now, whenever I open the game, there's a high chance it'll run on terrible FPS, I know that sounds stupid but I've been dealing with this for a while and ignoring it, but even after going through most fixes nothing works.

I had the steam version, always kept it updated, but when launching the game, around 50% of the time Toribash is fixed on a super low framerate, even as low as 7-8 frames. I've gone over most fixes like I said but nothing ever worked, I've:
  • Run Toribash on a fresh install (also deleted all except the necessary mods and replays with the current version, same issue);
  • Verified integrity of game files (through steam);
  • Done /opt framerate 0, 30, 60, 75 and probably every other number you'd suggest;
  • Lowered setting presets and tampered with all of the settings;
  • Run the steam version without the steam overlay;
  • Switched to standalone (which I'm currently on, still didn't do anything);
  • Done /opt newmenu 0/1
  • Played on different display settings (windowed/fullscreen);
  • Kept all my drivers and system up to date;
  • Done multiple anti-virus scans;
  • Tried running the game with nothing else running in the background;
  • Given it max priority through task manager;
  • Played without any overlays active (GeForce Experience overlay, Overwolf, etc);
  • Played on previous versions (5.1, 5.01, 4.95, didn't have this issue on these versions).
Since I'm not sure if I explained my issue the best way, I decided to record a short video just so it's easier to understand.

short video

System specs: Windows 10, Ryzen 3 2200G, GTX 1050ti 4GB, 16GB of RAM, 1080p monitor
I can run other games more taxing than Toribash at comfortable framerates.

I have a lingering suspicion that these performance issues might be coming from versions 5.4ish and above, since that's when the new menu was introduced, but I'm still confused as to why only I seem to have this issue.

EDIT:: I forgot to mention this when I wrote the post, but I while testing stuff I also figured out that when the game is stuck on low framerate, being tabbed out makes the game 60 FPS, so this further extends the mystery

Any suggestions?
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