Re: Don't like the standard music? put in your own!
the music is the basic volume. the 128 is the sound effects. so turn up the computer volume and lower the sound effects to say, 10 or 20.

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Re: Don't like the standard music? put in your own!
Originally Posted by Grath
Any music file (as far as I know, I've only tried mp3) can be used instead of the the Toribash standard music.
All you have to do is get a sound program (I suggest Goldwave, google for it ya lazy bums it's the first result) that can convert from [insert file type of your desired music] to .ogg. Then, save your song as 'music.ogg' and place it into your Toribash\data\music folder (Only tried on Windows)
I have to say, listening to Black Sabbath's Iron Man while fighting is a lot more fun than the standard music. You can also be cheesy, and play Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas. But that'd be silly.
You can also presumably change the sounds, even record your own if you have a microphone. (They're just .wav files)

xD i put You Cant Touch This by MC Hammer xDDD its awsome very kool tutorial!
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