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Re: toribash .inc and POV-ray Tutorial
How you render a movie?
I've got everything else about POV-ray licked, but i was sat and confused for 1.5 hours last night trying (and failing) to render movies

Re: toribash .inc and POV-ray Tutorial
hahaha ok...

you take your replay.. if that is what you are using..

then you open it up and record the frames using ctrl+f7 then you press ctrl+f7 to stop recording once that replay is done..

so you take the animation.pov file you got and specify in the white box at the top

Initial_Frame=1 Final_Frame=x

x= the end of frames

then it puts it into a bmp as animation001 animation002, etc...

then you use a gif maker and put them all in.. or use virtual dub if you will..

then you can figure out what you want to do from here.
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Re: toribash .inc and POV-ray Tutorial
i like your signature party pope it would be better if it had a disco ball in between the popes lol

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