Here is a sparring replay, I made it with Yuseimot. I used your run, but I made it look more realistic.
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yuseimot spar v7.rpl (948.7 KB, 37 views)
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maybe something on recovers:

my K.O. recovers
1. when i fall i contract my ankles and wrists if i fall on my face so i can use my wrists to boost me up while i lower my shoulders, this lets me swing them up behind me so i keep moving until im past my toes and on my feet.
2. when i fall on my side, i either have the arm under my body contracted so i can push my self up or raised with the wrist contracted. if i have my arm in front flat underneath then i roll on my front to get up.
3. on my back i chose to get up or roll over. to get up i swing my legs up and back down then use that momentum to throw myself up with my wrists for a boost and swinging my arms.

learning to walk backwards and sideways would help too, i can only walk to the side about 3 steps but really one is what you need to make it look alright. backwards may need at least two steps.

this may be different for other people like they might do a sweep kick to get one leg under them to lift back up or something like that, just find out what you like.
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