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so i made this 5 min ago

its okay. Sparring is for fighting, not just one punch ;)
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i know but I did like a realistic punch to a sleppy guy xD. (Note: I'm new at this.)

lol i know that, i justed wanted to see if you didnt relize that its suppose to b a fight xD
revive an old ass thread ftw, i did post some replays in the first post :/
Good tutorial. My friends and I could get some awesome replays out of this.
Birth Ctrl+Alt+Delete
great tut but i have a tip and a question first of all could you use like -25.00 gravity and a good free music site (not illegal) is here and you should add that as a option
i created the ??? emoji
like a lighter bitch we ignit
Nice Tut Jet great tips
<Fish> How is being a dumbass a form of venting? Is this some sort of flatulence related joke?