This cry is the same music item, that only works for yourself or the other player can hear?
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Originally Posted by Hayabusa22 View Post
Thought I'd offer some help when it comes to Kiai sounds.

First of all - Buy the sound from the shop or market
Secondly - Find a sound to use, not got one? use this website http://

When you have located the sound you want right click the link and hit Save Link As

Once you have saved it come back to the item click Edit, Upload the sound and Hey Presto! you have a Kiai!

Any Questions?
Post a reply below.

U wrote http twice in you thing, change it, otherwise the link would be broken :3
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< 5 so exactly 5 doesn't work.

try shortening it to 4.8s
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Your missing one important point. The sound file MUST be in .wav format. When you upload it, the Toribash server won't change it for you. Additionally, the absolute maximum time limit for said .wav format file is 5 seconds. Anything longer then 5 seconds and it will either not upload, or won't play in-game. I haven't uploaded my own sound yet, so I am unsure of what will happen. Finally add the fact that the item will ONLY play at the beginning of the match, only when you are playing. So if you are in the queue list your sound will not play. And fix your link :3.

Other then that, good tutorial.
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