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Crash on Multiplayer/Nvidia Optimus
This tutorial is for people who have laptops with Intel & NVIDIA video cards + Optimus.

You may ask: "Optimus? Wutsat?"

Optimus is a program which (violates gamer w/o lube) is supposed to decide what programs need NVIDIA's more powerful (which means that it will also consumes more energy) video card and which can do without it.
The algorithm doing this deciding this is bit weird and can (and will) decide that games which would require NVIDIA's progressing power will only use Intel's (inferior) chip.
In many cases (if your drivers are updated etc) this is the (final) factor bottle necking your FPS in Toribash.

Mkay, now that we got that outta the way, let's move to the good stuff.

How to force Optimus to use NVIDIA's card when playing Toribash:

First we have to open NVIDIA control panel.
You can do that several ways. Easiest way to do that is to navigate on to "Show hidden icons" button and clicking it.

Now you should see something like this:

Double click marked icon.

It should open this screen:

Here you can meddle with different settings and with which video card's your computer uses to do stuff.

(If you don't use your computer on the run, and hae it always plugged in you can just switch it to always use NVIDIA's chip and start playing Toribash.)

If you do not, then you have to keep clicking stuff.

So, click "Program Settings" tab (the one marked in that picture above).

It should open new tab which looks like this:

Now, you have to click "add" button (marked once again). New pop-up should look like this:

Now you have to navigate to your Toribash folder. Path is usually "C:/Games/Toribash/", when you find it you just have to click "toribash" (marked one) once. Then click "Ok" ( I trust that everybody can manage that without me having to draw stuff.)

After that just close the program. It should ask you if you want to save the settings. Just click yes.

And voil you're done!
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