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Gradients load weird. Lags game severely
Gradients load weird on my computer and my fps takes a huge hit because of it. I've tried deleting and redownloading all toribash files multiple times to no avail. I've also tried switching to the Steam version with no luck. Is there any way to to disable gradients entirely without affecting other customization?

Here's a screenshot of the problem. TinyPic is having server issues at the moment, but I'll update my post with a hosted version when possible.

It's rather mild here. The lines tend to stretch across the entire screen in multiplayer.

Edit: I can't attach the screenshot. I get the message "This BMP3 image has the incorrect file extension.". I'll find an alternative to TinyPic.

Edit: Image uploaded.

Edit: Added screenshot of a more severe case.

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Toribash is the only game I play on pc. Assuming it is a ram error is there anything that can be done without new hardware? I know next to nothing about computers by the way.

Its also worth noting that gradients are the only customization that do this.
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Tbh no, try cleaning your computer and game cache but i doubt that will help, you on laptop or tower ?

If you can access your ram try giving it a dry wipe with toilet paper, also blowing a bit on the ram port, that might help because a single grain of dust Can fuck it upYou can also try to launch another free game to see if it happens too
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