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Sending TC ingame!
hey guys,

I just wondered if it could be possible (maybe it already is) to send Toricredits ingame! for example if you're in a betting server and want to send the TC for a nudge or something else you can just type it in the chat and don't have to open your browser to send it. what do you think about it ? good ? bad ? not needed ? give me your opinions!
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but hampa... :O Why not adding it to 5.0?

Some scrub would probably find a security flaw in it and mess everything up again
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Sending TC ingame for forum users(Optional)
I know it has been requested a lot to send tc ingame and the staff doesn't approve of it because it would increase the amount of scams(AFAIK). But what if we added the option to enable sending TC ingame somewhere on the forums? That way people who used the forums are more familiar with not getting scammed than users who have just started playing the game and they can decide to enable or disable this feature on the forums. I don't know if the coders can actually do this, just a suggestion.

It'd leave you with the same cons though. People can still make scripts to steal tc, and people will still "accidentally" use the command then demand refunds.
I don't think the problem was ever with newer players not knowing how to use the command, since they rarely have any TC at all.
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Send TC Ingame.
The title says everything. You could right click on someone's name, and in the dropdown it would say 'Send TC to this user' And when you click on that, a prompt box will pop up saying how much tc you want to send.
This could help in paying for globals. You could watch the chat while sending the TC, and it wouldn't be too hard to implement.

update: just found another thread for this. please merge.
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not supported
People can mais scripts to sens tc they dont even hâve
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I personally think this is a great idea. I have done many ingame deals and its kinda annoying to have to go to the forums and send tc/items
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not supported
People can mais scripts to sens tc they dont even hâve

how is this a problem? unless the user is hampa, they can't just spawn tc.
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not supported
People can mais scripts to sens tc they dont even hâve

english pls?
also this idea is really good. it would help out for quick transactions also i think many people like me find them selfs in a situation where their browser breaks.. *cough*chrome*cough*
So it would be nice. or when the market goes down i know its not very often but i think it should be possible to send tc to people other than adding to the decap and letting them get it.
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