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Helpful links and resources for a new player
Hello. This is a compendium of various threads and posts that direct users, both old and new, on how to use the forums.

This thread is not intended to redirect towards specific FAQ pages. There are two exceptions: the Global Rules thread, and the FAQ itself, as seen below.


The Almighty FAQ
Most issues regarding the forums and game can be found in the FAQ. Check there first.

Global Rules
Information about rules in the forum and game.

Beginner's Guide
A handy guide to help you get started and answer basic and frequent questions.

Trying your had in the market? Read this for some tips to get a better deal.

Clan Rules and Guidelines
If you're interested in clans the rules and guidelines are here.

Keeping your account safe
Read this for tips and tricks to good account safety.

Proper conduct
Top tips for how to behave and conduct yourself on the forum.

Reporting Posts, Scams, and other Issues
Resources for if you need to report something.

A guide to Toribash Staff and Usergroups
A guide of the different staff groups and their roles in the community.

Applying to Staff
If you think you have a shot at being staff.

Video guide on playing Toribash
Exactly what it sounds like.
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