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So i was chatting with rcrichman on steam and i had the greatest idea ever, toribash should do daily payouts to reward people for getting online daily or once every so often, it has the possibility to boost activity for the poor as well as keep the game alive, also i thought that different belts got a different amount of tc each day they log in, like black belt - 4th dan gets 20tc every day they log on in game, 5th dan gets 75tc per day they log in, 6th gets 100, and keep going up 25tc per belt per day till you get to 9th dan, then 10th dan gets 300tc every day they log in, masters can get 500-600 daily when logging in, customs can get 1-2k per day, gods can get like 5-10k, the one could get like 20-50k, and elite could get like 100k or some shit. The point is, it would reward people for playing daily and boost the toribash economy

I thought i would share this idea and i hope it is considered and implemented in some way shape or form.

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I would rather like to see certain generated daily orders like eg
Win 5 matches in public mushu
Play 20 matches in quick aikido
Win 1 autotourney
Play 5 matches with a clanmate

And get some tc for that.
But I don't think that any of the developers will do something like that bc that's more than one hour of work...
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I agree with Oaky, this way, we can have some real objectives or goals to accomplish everyday in tb other than searching for a public abd server in the list with some pro players in it
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Yeah, like in Brawlhalla where your get daily quests. Also, you can fix the apt problem by making it so an IP can only get a reward once a day, or a month. Where you could spin a wheel after one month.
as Mrmiyagy said
i dont really agree with the daily
but propably once a week
you could activate an lucky wheel that u might get tc
or prob even items
id like a lucky wheel every week more than this
prob to 1-50k
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That would be a lot of TC you'd be putting into the economy if it was 1-50k. I would recommend 1-10k, also you would have to play the whole week to get it. For at least a certain amount of time. Also if you did quests instead, you could make it so that after like 10-20, or however many, quests you spin a wheel.
I think having it give at least 500tc to 350 tc daily would be the limit, but one shouldn't get the log in activity bonuses until black belt or further up, that way alt accounts cannot easily be abused. this should somewhat prevent people from non-stop creating alts and farming money easily. As for the bonus wheel idea that one could work too.
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Idk if suggested but Tc boosters for those who are active? 20 tc
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Phew, that one would be like, I don't know. Maybe, after a month of activity and you can keep it if you stay active, but that may be harder to implement
Im thinking something more along the lines of spin wheel; everyday you spin a wheel and there is like a 99% change u get pretty meh items but sometimes u get nice shit

but NON of the items are tradable

therefor no inflation

but cool prizes