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Remove mandatory CnC rule in Art board
The rule that posts in the art board must offer CnC is silly.

It's narrowing the kinds of reactions that people are allowed to post in response to the art. Sometimes people just wanna say 'Woah, that's sick dude, keep it up'. They don't wanna go into some deep critical analysis of the art. From the perspective of the artist, we don't need a review from everybody, we just wanna see how people respond to our art.

Unfortunately, in the name of 'quality' posts, threads in the board don't get many replies, if any. Not many people wanna post their response to the art because of this restrictive rule.

I know I'm not the only one who neglects posting in the Art board cus of this.
I agree, I actually sent an in debth request to have it changed about a week ago. I pmed it to suomynona, AssassinPro, Fear, and Icky.

Heres what I said

Originally Posted by KDigityDog
So, I would like to discuss an art board rule I feel should be changed or at least revised to some degree.

"Posts along the lines of "Nice head!" and "Thank you"s following them are useless posts. Explain your opinion on things and how things can be fixed, or why(s) to your compliments."

Why have this rule? If I can't publicly admire somebody's artwork and not get infracted why is there an "Art" board and not have it be called "Constructive Criticism"?

If you go to a museum and look at a piece and say "wow, that's stunning! I really admire how the artist used the blues and greens to show emphasis on the facial expressions, and the use of lighting gives an amazing dramatic feel to the painting as a whole".

^What normal person is going to get up and say that??

People more likely to say simply "Wow thats really cool" but they get infected if they say this one, and potentially even the previous as well considering it doesn't give any pointers.

Its called the "Art" board so people should be able to say what they feel about somebody's artwork/video and not be blatantly censored.

Infracting people for expressing how they feel about something on the artboard is just pure irony it's almost comical really.

While I see that cluttering up the board with "Nice head" would be annoying that's just the side effect of people actually liking something... so why is it inherently a bad thing?

Instead of the rule "Posts along the lines of "Nice head!" and "Thank you"s following them are useless posts. Explain your opinion on things and how things can be fixed, or why(s) to your compliments." say
"Explain your opinion on things and how things can be fixed, posts that don't reflect/incorporate the Elements and Principles of art will be deemed a useless post"

Elements of art

Principles of art

An example of a good post adhering to the rule adaptation(Head example by VitieK)

^Before I feel it would be a gamble to even post the "Post2"version.

I believe with this adaptation to the rule It will easily allow you to say you like the post. With this people deleting and infracting posts will have a list of things to deem the post adequate or not instead of "or why(s) to your compliments".

Personally I feel the rule should be gotten rid of all together but the adaptation to the rule I proposed I feel would greatly improve it while still maintaining some order to the art board.

Thank you for reading.

Basically my rule rewrite offers people a much easier way of expressing their opinion while also still giving some form of a useful post. you are able to say 'Woah, that's sick dude, keep it up' basically all you have to include is an aspect of the art you liked or disliked.
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I think getting rid of it entirely is a step too far, since that can end up with a lot of shitposting. I think making it as restrictive as clear cut as KDigityDog is suggesting would probably run into its own issues, especially with less clear cut media formats.

Maybe something like simply requiring that people explain why they like/dislike the work, not necessarily in great detail, but setting that as the minimum standard for a useful post. "I dislike <X> because it doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the work," would be fine, but "I dislike <X>" by itself would not be (unless describing X inherently includes its reasoning, such as "I dislike the ridiculous beep boop noises at the end").

I don't agree with opening it all the way up to "Woah, that's sick dude, keep it up" all on its own, but "Woah, that's sick dude, that's a great bass line" would be scratching the minimum of what I'd consider acceptable and I also think it's reasonable to expect people to be able to post in that range.


Alternatively, let people use the tag [CnC] for threads where the current CnC rule would be strictly enforced and reduce it to the above leniency or perhaps even below for other threads to allow the OP to decide what level of feedback they desire. I have to wonder how that would affect thread health, so some level of minimum quality will probably still need to be enforced.

I agree that it could probably be loosened up significantly though without too many issues, at least for some cases. Like Ele said, some people are more interested in the feedback than the criticism. That being said, the current rules have this listed in the video section:
Originally Posted by Mapleleaf View Post
  • This board is for CnC, not exposure. If your objective isn't improvement, take your videos to Entertainment & Media.

Which is fair. That being said, I think swapping CnC for "general feedback" would be fine if we want to go this route.

I would definitely like to hear more opinions on this, so I'm going to link this thread in a few places.
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Having trouble finding where it says a post needs to be CnC. There's a rule in Off-Topic where you need to explain your answer to a question, and this is the same.

@KDigityDog: The goal ultimately is for you to talk about the artwork at all. Deleting posts that I can move to a different thread at random, and have it still make sense is not a bad thing. If you want to publicly admire something an artist put actual time into, you can take the time to explain why you like something.
Originally Posted by Kaneki333 View Post
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@suomynona "I think getting rid of it entirely is a step too far, since that can end up with a lot of shitposting. I think making it as restrictive as clear cut as KDigityDog is suggesting would probably run into its own issues, especially with less clear cut media formats."

Yeah you're right, I honestly completely forgot about the writing aspect of the art board.

I do like the idea of making it an "I liked X[blahblahblah]" or "I disliked X[blahblahblah]" as long as it relates to the OP

and your alternative idea is very interesting too

Originally Posted by suomynona View Post
The Art Board's constructive criticism rule is being pulled out for discussion

TyZi I get what you are saying, but I personally don't believe it should be left to any degree of chance whether you or somebody else deems it to be a useless post or not and run the risk of being infracted. If the rule is changed there is would be nothing stopping sombody from still posting that, and if they want to they will. If I am truly amazed with somebody's work I wouldn't just go "wow nice job" I would give a good response.
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Did the roles get changed slightly from when I last looked?

There are 2 things I see that are wrong with the harsher cnc requirement.

If you create a "perfect" piece nobody is allowed to post because they need to have cnc on their post. This makes the author not want to post anymore because they got no replies.

The other is the rule naturally only leads to putting down the author because you have to find someone wrong in order to even post without getting an infraction.

That said, I think a post like "nice head, I like the expression/hair/nose/scar/metal" would open up the rules without being a useless post.

I heavily support this
I got banned for shit posting because of this rule SOOOOO many times (mostly by arctic)
And I just decided to never even look at the art board EVER
Since somehow just complimenting the artist and his art is a shitpost and not cnc


10 pages of bans because of this, supported.
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I very much support this. Why shouldn't people be free to just post their thoughts on a piece of art without getting infracted?

It's not like art is getting swamped with 1000s of posts that would dilute the 'useful' ones anyway, what's the harm?

What's more is that newer art makers can get really encouraged by many of the posts that are currently being deleted, and I think that's just wrong
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It's been a thorn in my side for awhile that the art subforum is, in my opinion, overmoderated. I don't think that it should be held to a higher standard than off topic's rule about validating your opinion. A little "I like this a lot because x" really should be good enough.

The fact that something like:
Wow! Nice head texture. I really like how the green lines bring out the red in the nose region

can be cause for an infraction in some eyes is just silly. You don't have to criticize art to appreciate and talk about it. I'm in favor of changing the C&C rule to the same "say why you like it" policies of off topic. Also, criticizing other people's critics is fine, I know in the past people have been called out saying "your critique is wrong here's why", and those posts have been reported, but that's silly. This type of relevant dialogue about art is good for the forum.
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