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mirrored shiai items
just a simple suggestion to where you can buy the right OR left opposite for certain items other than being forced to buy the right only
it'd lead to more customization abilities like having a peg leg on your right leg and a boney left leg
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Definitely should be a thing, I don't see the point of making it right only instead of making you buy the whole pack
I actually support this kek. Left and right item lock outs have dictated my tori styling alot, even to the point of textures being edited.
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Seems like a cool idea that shouldn't be hard to implement. But, I would say instead of being able to buy a left version and a right version, they should just give the option to switch it to a mirrored version of the item once you buy it. This could make things a bit easier when it comes to selling the items, and if someone wanted to mirror it from how they have it on their tori, they wouldn't have to but a whole new one.