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Exchange system..
Your should be able to buy shiai tokens or trade it for tc. For example,
Buy an shiai token:10k
Selling or switching for tc:5k. Just saying
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Sharia items (rebrand imminent) are special items that show other people that the people wearing them mean business 'cus they won them through their skillz. It's a meritocratic thing - Gotta win to wear.

If we allow people to buy sharia tokens with TC, then that means these items no longer mean the same thing. They weren't won through skill, they were just bought.

This would also upset everyone who did win them, fair and square.
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Ele: they're Shiai duuuuuuuuuuuh

Corruption: the only way to obtain Shiai Tokens is by participating in game events, that's the point of them - and it is not going to be changed. As for ST items, you can buy them from Torishop after they're out of rotation. They'd stay USD-exclusive, though.