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Alright how about this.

During auctions, I'd like to see a real time auction feature.

For example, somewhere on the thread, (or a whole new market feature) is a way to input a bid on an item. When you do so, if it outbids the current bid, it removes the amount of tc from your account. After the set time goes by that the seller sets, the TC is sent and the item is transferred to the highest bidders account.

It makes it so the tc you bid must be on your account, and will allow for instantaneous transactions.

Adding this in here as well.

Originally Posted by Ele View Post
Why not take this one step further and make it like eBay - The world's foremost auction site? Users are able to place a maxbid. Say there's an item that someone bids 10k on. I set a maxbid of 15k. The seller has chosen a bid increment of 1k, so my bid becomes 11k. Somebody else places a bid of 12k. My maxbid automatically outbids to 13k.

If someone else decides to put a maxbid of 20k in, the bid would increase to 16k. Perhaps I would then get a notification saying my maxbid has been outbidded, and I would get an option to place another maxbid (or regular bid, if I chose).

Like your idea, at the end of the auction, items + TC would be transferred automatically.

Let me know what you guys think. I've allowed a poll so you guys can show your sides.

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It's a pretty good idea but for example the seller set a delay of 24 hours and the highest bid get the item and what if the one who lead the auction decide to cancel the bid after 24 hours (there is a rule who says : D) If you withdraw a winning bid at the end of the auction you must pay the auctioneer 20% of that bid.) So we will need a system of automatic trade. So the seller and the buyer will get a notification of a trade so the seller will have to accept the trade ofc and the buyer will have the choice between canceling his offer and accept the trade, so if he cancel he will be debited 20% of its offer and this money will be sent to the seller.
As much as I would love to see something like that, I do not see it as a feature that would enhance user experience enough to compensate for the effort that it would take to implement it.
Currently established auctioning is exactly the same except it's not automated, and it doesn't lack anything that automated system would add.
The issue is that with auctions people usually add items / art as a part of their bid which wouldn't be possible with an automated system. Whole concept doesn't sound bad but there's a huge chance that regular forum auctions would still be used considerably more (which makes you wonder why spend time developing the feature at all).