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I feel like the in game tutorials should cover more mainstream mods and be a bit more advanced than the current as it doesn't really teach anything
Yeah i strongly agree with that but at the same time tutorials for this game are just meant to teach the basics and arent really structured but again they just need some more depth in them to make the newcomer really understand the mechanics and physics of the game and etc…
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What I was more talking about is the challenge uke part as after like 2-3turns he just stays there and isn't that realistic even at higher level of the game if you are having trouble with countering a certain opener or if you are just generally rusty
Made a whole thread about it several months ago, it never got any attention though:

We know current tutorial is not good, what we don't know (or well, me at least) is how to actually make it good. So far all the suggestion threads on this have been as useless as this one is: "uh it's bad, make it good".
Okay, so this is a very unusual and anti-climactic point in our current Toribash tutorial.
It just forces the players to get right into the opener and teaches him how to rotate/contract joints but not their movements of every joint.
What I think can be the best tutorial is to teach the player to click each joint and show them what are the movements of the specific joints. It's the same thing taught on most Toribash beginner Youtube tutorials and that's why they have so many views, which proves that the player needs to know what are the rotations of each joint.
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The idea of the tutorial (proposed in that thread) was both to show how joints & game mechanics work, teach some opener(s) and avoid making it dull. I can easily make a tut that would go through each joint one by one with one page explanation for each but it would be as useless as the old tutorials were simply because no beginner would bother to finish it.

When it comes to tutorials, there needs to be some balance between educational part and fun/actual gameplay. The point of that thread I posted several months ago was to get some actual discussion on topic but nobody seemed to care (note that the same thread had been posted in staff board several weeks prior to that and it never got any actual feedback either). Which kind of leads to a conclusion that even though everyone (including devs) understands that current tutorials need to be changed, nobody really knows how to teach one to play Toribash.

Unless we manage to figure out a general vision of how should tb tutorial look like, we're not returning to its development.
some ideas I have is to put the playing in a situation such as say a lift and explain a basic counter the whole extend pecs raise arms deal how ever have them need to adapt it or have them in a move where they need to finish off a kick sorta like the first one but in lie aikido or judo and the challenge uke as I mentioned doesn't really help as it does the opener but the just stops this makes him easy to beat if you have even the slightest knowledge of aikido
You are not supposed to play through tutorials when you're black belt+, there's a reason it's called a tutorial.
Explaining hardcore aikido tactics to a beginner is similar to attempting to teach kindergarten kids how to take the derivative of a complex function. The general complaint is that people still don't understand how to play the game (as in move their tori) after they've completed the tut, not that they find their lack of lift countering skills disturbing.