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toribash gamble third party site
so if you dont want to do it i can do it but, as it happened in csgo, every skin is now more valuable and its not just a pixel for the game thanks to gamble. it made the game twice as popular. maybe u could copy some website ideas. i'll give u some : csgoblocks.com csgotower.com hellcase.com wildcase.com society.gg csgo500.com

a part from gaining money, there can also be giveaway, which people will be more than thankfull to the devs. this idea should be done. i'd really like to see it, like u deposit skins and u get coins in the third party gamble site, then u withdraw or maybe just case opening, and there can't be trash skins to deposit.

idk man u can do lots of money like this
Among other things, it's not a third party site if it's run by the developers.

If you can think of a way this could or should be implemented by our developers, feel free to post a new thread regarding it.
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Squad Squad Squad lead?
The standardization of Toribash Squad roles may have gone too far!