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Multiple Game Ideas
Hey all so about the giving ideas about what will be in the toribash next i will tell u all....
1.have a feature to whisper even if not in same server like two in diffrent server just write ./whisper Name and he see it without quitting game and join that server (most be online to whisper each other obv...)
2.send tc in game like a command./sendtc (amount) (username)
or a item
3. idk if this will count but when someone wins a match give time to make sure he saved replays because each i want like sometimes i want to save a replay the other match starts and i was late to save
4.make kia and hit sounds 10 seconds (at least more then 6 seconds !!)
5. include mods with guns ? if we can play with the mods add some guns unity haves alot of that i think ....
6.Make the game alive agien
IF u agree with me make this post In top so we can have these features i always wanted to whisper in other servers beacuse i be in middle of a spar
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I think thats Cooooool if we can whisper each other while not in same server better to not leave middle of a match or anything important to say and wow qi limit is now at 500 i thought 100 ?
Hey man, I have some advice for you when it comes to making a thread in the Suggestions and Ideas board. If you want to get your ideas implemented, try to focus on one idea at a time that you put effort in working it out, rather than a lot of smaller ideas without a real explanation like you just did. This also helps keep discussion going as discussion per item is separated. It'll be less confusing for users and concerning staff alike.

About your ideas:

1.) Good idea, probably has been suggested before. Cross-server spam is gonna be an issue, though, and it's harder to deal with if spammers (or scammers as well) aren't in the same server you're in. Could still be implemented, however to make it work smoothly it might have big implications on the whisper system as it is now. To prevent spam you need to implement more options to the whisper system, which in turn will make everything more complicated and a lot of people will then end up turning off cross-server whispers anyway. Get your mates on IRC or Discord so you can talk with them anytime, here's a link to #toribash where you can chill: http://forum.toribash.com/chat_view....annel=Toribash

2.) http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=411813
According to this post in this thread, a function like this already existed in the past, but was removed for security issues, regarding people being able to shoehorn a function into a script that'd send your TC away. After uploading the script to the forums, unsuspecting people would install and run it, and get scammed. Not many people run Toribash scripts nowadays I think, and this, imo, is a very poor short-term solution. Should be fixed properly by making the command unable to be executed by scripts somehow.

3.) Fair enough. Sometimes it immediately skips to the next match without giving you time at all to react. Other times it's just too fast. If you're really keen on saving replays, there's an autosave function available somewhere. This way, you'll save every replay (at least replays of matches that you are playing in) (saves every game that you watch or play within a server ~Creati0n).

4.) Custom sounds, imo, are already wayyy too long. I'm against making them longer as I often get annoyed by the length of them. If anything, they should be shorter, especially the hit sounds. There's no need for a 5 seconds long dubstep sample or something every time you get hit. They're also way too accessible. Probably unfixable, as I think making them more expensive will not really affect the market enough to make them much less available over a short period of time.

5.) Toribash isn't run on Unity, it's got its own engine. You can't import guns from Unity or whatever. Also, there are some gun or crossbow mods out there. Maybe a neat idea for the upcoming Toribash Next, but in this engine at this time, it'll not be feasible to import guns the way I think you want them.

6.) We're working on it.
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Hey slau about the guns mod As said in toribash next thread where hampa says useing new engine : Unity i have this engine theres lots of weapons in it Example: we can make a parkour fight where there are two sides and Obstacles to cover with and u will be holding a gun ak47 and trigger it by press the trigger button then when u want to finish press it agien i think it will look nice in a replay , since other things are or were included idk what to say...
important is just make toribash alive agien

Theres even assassins in toribash ;'3