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[Official] Beginners' Sanctuary - Board Rules
Welcome to the Beginners' Sanctuary!
What is Beginner Sanctuary?
Beginner Sanctuary is a safe-haven for beginners, where you may ask questions regarding Toribash - usually stemming from the lack of experience or simply being new to the game.

When looking for answers or help:
  • Please ensure the content of your thread (and the queries involved) are coherent enough for us to assist you with. If you feel more comfortable to reach out privately, do so by privately messaging a ToriAgent or a Super Moderator here.
  • Don't hesitate to speak in your native language if you don't speak English well.
  • The Replays board is also available for you to share your replays and seek improvement from the community.
  • Before you ask a question here, check the FAQ board.

Helping Beginners
Everyone is encouraged to help newcomers rid their queries and have an enjoyable time. However, if you're unsure of an accurate answer, please redirect the post/thread to a moderator who may be able to assist precisely.
Please don't post content that does not pertain to the thread topic.

Rules & Etiquettes
The Global Rules are always applicable universally throughout every segment of the community; however the following rules also apply here in Beginner Sanctuary.
  • Threads should ask a question or seek advice.
  • Don't beg for TC / items.
  • Be polite and helpful.
  • Don't repeat answers.
  • Don't make multiple threads with the same intention/question.
  • No useless posting / spam

We aim highly to ensure beginners have a welcoming induction into Toribash, please don't ruin it. If you feel you require further clarification of the BS rules, please reach out to a moderator.
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