Sorry, I know there not really tutorials, but I couldn't quite find an ask questions thread. I wont do it again.
how about one for creating custom textured trails.

Iv just started to try and an having problems, for some reason they are to short and i bet once i figger out how to make them longer i will surly need to lookup how to make things transparent.

Im not very tech minded and find this stuff tricky a brief tut would be ace.
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I am SELLING my cuzomations for toribash!
They are a easy to hande .rar file so everybody can use!

[10000tc] for Version with Shader
[8000tc] for Version without Shader

you now might think:
"WTF is this guy crazy? Selling stuff everybody can do on his own and where are Tutorials for it HERE in the forum!? WTF!?"

1.st Two guys ASKED ME if I COULD SELL IT TO THEM! It was not my idea! Those guys are just to lazy to do it on their own and they got the money!
2.nd I am hot on tc ;P

On buy I send you a link to the downlaod file via PM
You are not allowed to give this file to any further persons than you, or telling the link to anybody!
If i mention some1 is dooing so then i will only send my stuff via E-Mail... is anoying for me and customers aswell

PLEASE no comments to that
Just buy it or keep out of my shop =)

Reuqesting tut for this ^.
I have looked and could not find one of you could help thanks.
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Reuqesting tut for this ^.
I have looked and could not find one of you could help thanks.

Thats a bit of a vague request, you could be requesting any part of that massive quote you embadded, please expand on what you mean.

On a side note, i would like to know if anybody knows how to make your own font for your computer from scratch.