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Toribash Bible
General Info

If you wish to comment on Toribash or speak to Hampa about new features you think will benefit Toribash, then come join us on IRC.
There should be realtime help for those who need it, most of the time (we preserve the right to idle ).

irc.quakenet.org #toribash

The Game

Controlling characters

1. Select player with mouse click.

2. Mouse over to select joint.

3. ZXC to toggle joint behaviour
Z - Add force to joint
X - Thighten joint
C - Thighten ALL joints

4. Mouse click on hands to prepare it for gripping.

Setting a joint behaviour twich will reverse the effect (Thighten/Relax, Force Forward/Force Back, Grip/No Grip)

Controlling Game and Camera

SPACE - Step, Replay, New game (depending on situation)
SHIFT+SPACE - Step 1 step only (Only for single player)
Arrows,ASDW - Move camera
SHIFT+Up/Down,WS - Move camera Up/Down
P - Pause/Play during fight replay
SHIFT+P - Play one frame during fight replay (only for single player)

Menu Options

ESC - Bring up MENU options


To preview your move a ghost of your character is shown. The selected characters is ghosted. Both characters can be ghosted with the 'B' key.


Toribash uses location based damages. Hitting head causes most damage.
Feet, Hands, Knees and Elbows does not take any damage.

A hit bodypart are drawn with red colors.


A hard blow can break a joint. Joints are the weakest when they have just been hit (and are drawn in red).


Clicking left or right hand prepares it for gripping. A player can both grip the other player and himself. To release the grip, click on the hand once more.

Grips are shown with a green transparent sphere.


Only hand and feet are allowed to touch the ground. A player who touches the
ground with any other bodypart or joint is disqualified. When this happens a circle is drawn in the color of the player that lost (red or blue). The origo of the circly is where the bodypart touched the ground.

Edit replays

It's possible to mod an existing replay. To do this you must first hit PAUSE key 'p' and then the edit key 'e'. This will put the replay in EDIT mode and you can continue tweaking the replay from that point on.

When you are done you must save fight with a new name. The existing fight will still be there under it's original name.

SHIFT+p can be used to step the replay one frame at the time until you find the best frame for editing.

Head textures

If the replay Author or multiplayer nickname matches any of the textures in the heads subdirectory. They will skinned the player.

Key Shortcuts

r - Replay from beginning
p - Pause/Play
SHIFT+p - Pause/Play one frame
g - ghost player (physics preview)
b - ghost both players (physics preview)
t - Send chat message (Only in multi player mode)
Ctrl-Enter - Toggle fullscreen
1,2,3,4 - Camera angle presets (0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees).
e - Turn a replay into edit mode (must be paused first)
F8 - Take screenshot
Ctrl-F7 - Start saving every frame as a .pov in frames directory


Replays are located in the replay subdirectory. They are plain text
files with a .rpl extension and can be easily be shared among players.

Replay authors that matches any of the textures in heads subdirectory will skin the ingame characters.

Single Player

Objective is get as much damage points as possible in the most spectacular way.


How to play Multiplayer classic game:
1. Log in to a Toribash server (ESC -> Multi Player)
2. You have 20 seconds for each round to prepare your move
3. You prepare your move as in single player. When you are ready. Hit SPACE.
4. Both players prepare move at the same time
5. The player with the most points when ROUNDS timer hit 0 is the winner
6. You get DISQUALIFIED if anything but hands, feet touch the ground
7. Winner stays and loser is put in queue among the other fighters

Toribash is played with a central server that manages the game.
The server ip is visible in the Multiplayer screen.

Use 't' to send a chat message
Use '/spec' to enter SPEC mode (not fighting, just watching.)
Use '/enter' to join the game from SPEC mode.


F8 will take save a screenshot.bmp and a raytrace/screenshot.pov
The .pov file is a raytrace file that can be rendered with povray (www.povray.org).

General Advice

Don't change too many forces every round and tweak your character to a stall.

In multiplayer prioritise balance over impact velocity.
A player that goes 90% of his power and maintains his balance usually wins.

Punching is more about controlling upper body than actual arms (a bit like in real boxing)
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