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Hello Toribash world!
Hello! my name Is odirex and I just signed up about an hour ago! I have no Idea what to do but play xD anyway how's everyone doing?

Oh wait a minute I should have put this Into Introduce yourself :o Is there any way to move this thread there?
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Welcome to the toribash forums.

I have moved the thread for you, but be more careful where you post in the future.

Enjoy your stay.
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i recommend making tc to become rich ;). By making art/Marketing/Duels/Events. Anyways Welcome if you need any help. Just send me a pm by clicking on my picture and click on the contact button and make a title and the message. And if you find any scams go to the scam reports on the forums. Have fun!

Welcome. I'm doing good.

I recommend you to enjoy the game first, being a good multiplayer and earn little by little of your toricredits (toribash's money) and then try to duel and stuff.
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