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Clans: What are Clans? What makes a good Clan?

- What makes a good clan? -

Before continuing, make sure you've read the Clan Rules and Guidelines, the ToriClan FAQ and the Clan Discussion Board Rules in order to be familiar with the clan jargon.

  • Activity: The most important thing for any clan is to be active in the multiple spheres of Toribash (Forum, Ingame and IRC) or be very active on the forum. Do note that being forum active doesn't mean spamming your clan's discussion thread with useless/short posts as commiting such actions will lead to infractions. As for IRC activity, it is strongly recommended that every clan makes its own channel. No matter how extraordinary your members are, if they aren't active/the clan isn't active, your clan will not be perceived as one of the top clans.

  • Management: A clan is nothing without good management. The different member ranks and the roles of each rank should be well defined in the first post of the discussion thread and in the ToriClan page. It is strongly suggested that an Inactive rank be made for any clan members which aren't currently active. Wars should be documented, rules clearly defined and followed/enforced, amount of TC in the clan bank easily accessible, clan news kept up to date, applications handled in a timely and professional fashion, etc. The ToriClan/Discussion thread first post should also be divided into multiple categories. Basically, the leaders of the clan should try and keep everything in order as it will give other users a good impression of the clan. It will also help while applying for officalness, which is the next important thing we are going to talk about.

  • Officialness: When a clan becomes official, it means that the Toribash staff supports said clan and have aknowledge that it meets certain standards. As such, an official clan is a lot more prestigious than an unnofficial one, especially ingame since the brackets change depending on the clan status. ([ClanTag]Username if the clan is official and (ClanTag)username if the clan is unnofficial).

  • Recruitment: Make sure to setup a recruitment thread in the Clan Recruitment Center. The requirements to join the clan should be made clear and the applications should be well managed. This will help you get more members and will also show other users that your clan is actively seeking to become bigger/better.

  • Objectives: The objectives of the clan should be made clear and any completed objective should be marked as such. Note that objectives such as "Achieve X amount of posts" or any other objective/requirement which has anything to do with the amount of posts of a user/in the clan should be avoided as it gives off the impression that the clan leaders want spammy members. Having well defined objectives (and original ones) will give a feeling of achievement and a road to follow to your clan members and will show your growth to the community. Here is an example of a few clan objectives:
- Get 20 clan members [X]
- Win 30 wars [ ]
- Achieve officialness [ ]

  • Story: This might sound a bit weird, but make sure that your clan has a good and original story in the first post of the clan discussion page and in the ToriClan page. Having a good story shows effort and motivation, which reflects on your clans reputation.

  • Leader(s): Having a good leader(s) is very important. The leader(s) should be active, enforce the rules, guide the clan and show the example. I can't count how many clans I've seen which couldn't become official since they didn't have a good leader. It also has to be clear who is the leader(s) of the clan. Having a good leader will not only make things a lot easier, it will also make the clan look a lot better/more organized.

  • Artwork: It is a good idea to invest into some artwork for the clan logo/first post dividers. Having a good looking DLC/Clan gives a good first impression of the clan. Even if you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, a good cover can only help . You can fill in requests for artwork in this board (and as always, read the rules first ).

  • Members: Make sure that the clan members aren't infamous in the Toribash community and that they have a good history (no major bans, tons of infractions, etc.) and that they follow the rules in every board they visit. Members should also be polite ingame. As such, people will not associate your clan with a certain bad behaviour or a despised individual. It also works the other way around. Get skilled/known members and your clan will be on its way to success. Another smart thing to do is to have members with common interests, as it will help unify the clan.

tl;dr: A good clan is a clan that is active, has good members and is well organized.

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