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How to work with shader chat colors [and change your brown chat]
The latest update made your chat color brown, for some reason. Shaders can be used to change the color of all the different types of chat.

Default Shader

Default Chat Color Variables

All of these are related to the different types of chat and the corresponding color, their names are pretty self explanatory.

The one you're going to want to use to change your personal chat color from brown back to black, for instance, is msg_player. Set it to 0.01 0.01 0.01 and you'll have the same black that's used for others' chat.

I've attached a "fix" shader that you can put into your shader directory to replace the games "default". After you do that, go in game and type /lws default.inc and it should fix your chat.

EDIT (!!!)
Change the name of the shader from default.inc to something else, go into game, and load it through the normal shader menu found in "Tools". Then when you restart the game it should automatically apply.

Sorry for that oversight.

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