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raytrace head rotation
I am trying to detect the direction of the head so that I can give it a face in POV-Ray.

I can get roughly in the correct direction (usually about 30 degrees out) using some rotations with the rot0 to rot11 values.

Is there an easy way to find out the rotation from the given matrix transformation (or other information)?

I have already spent about 2 and half hours on this, so any help will be appreciated!
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Re: raytrace head rotation
Hi Slainveteran,

The matrix for the heads where a bit different from the rest of the bodyparts.

I have updated the povray exporter and made an example on how to use a simple texture on the head (

The texture statments should use matrixes instead of euler rotation:
    texture {
        pigment { wood
                scale 0.05 
                	matrix <rot0, -rot1, rot2, 
	            rot3, -rot4, rot5, 
	            rot6, -rot7, rot8, 
	            rot9, -rot10, rot11>
        finish { specular 0.3 reflection 0.6 }
The .inc files where a bit borked aswell it seemed. I have reverted to older versions.

Here is an example of a "Wood" head texture with rotation that matches the head.

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Re: raytrace head rotation

just so you know your work is not going to waste... here is a new raytrace of an old position...

I decided to model some simple face shapes to show the direction instead of using a texture. Works the same way using the matrix.

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