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How to set up and host a successful bet server
Hello Toribashian!
This tutorial will help and guide you through the steps on how to set up and host a successful bet server!

To set up and host a bet server may sound easier said then done but there are a lot of commands and steps to get it going but first you need to know that hosting a bet server takes risks! you have the possibility of nobody joining, losing a lot of TC and nobody betting but don't worry, the more you know the easier hosting a successful bet server gets!

First step to know is when to host your bet server and to know this is determined on how many player's are in-game, to find out this information, type in game chat:
You should see a list pop up in chat like this:

Pop up list

If there are 100+ players in-game, that amount is perfect to start hosting.

Once you know there are enough players are in-game, you can now set up your bet server ready for all those hungry gamblers!



How to run your bet server


Decap Prize

Co Host

How to make TC

Eventually the server will die and the player's will gradually leave, this will always happen to every bet server no matter what, this usually happens when the decap prize has been taken by a player or the bets start slowing down and decreasing.

Hopefully this helped all of you new players that want to start hosting and hopefully it helped all those player's that want to know how to host a successful bet server or to start hosting.

If I have anymore information I will be updating this thread if anything changes in the future.
If I have forgotten anything or if anything needs correcting, don't hesitate to jot it down below for me.

Cheer's for reading, lads.
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