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How to host an in-game tournament
How To Host An In-Game Tournament

Hi there, I will be guiding you through the process of not only just hosting a normal in-game tournament but a tournament that won't completely flop and waste your time and toricredits. Hosting a tournament can sound pressurizing at the start but once you get into it or do it a few times, it gets easier and easier. Hosting a tournament is not cheap, Broadcast's are 10k TCs and then you will need enough for your prizes, preferably TC prizes in case your winner's don't have enough games played for item prizes.

Most if not every player that hosts sometimes have their own unique tournaments with fun idea's from including frequent trivia's to adding decap prizes and even dismemberment prizes! so here is your chance to make your own unique tournament to separate yourself from all those uneventful tournaments.

Before you start reading the first step, you will need to know if there are enough player's in-game that will actually join your tournament, it sucks when you start hosting but nobody joins, speaking from experience . To do this, all you have to do is type the command /list in the game chat and it will pop up a list of who is currently online and the number of player's there are:

the list

If there are 100+ player's online then it will be a good time to host your tournament, any lower, it is best if you wait later in the day or night.

If you would like to make your description and motd colourful so that it stands out, here is the colour list so that you can do that.


First step

The first step to hosting your own tournament is actually setting up the room itself which is pretty quick and easy but many people seem to forget major commands.
Set the following commands in chat:
  • /setowner [password]
    *Set a memorable password.
  • /maxclients 28
    *If you go any higher, your server will glitch and disappear on the server list.
  • /desc Tournament SOON
    *This is only temporary, you will change this later and so this is a perfect example.
  • /motd Did you disconnect? tell [nickname] the position you was in.
    *If a player disconnects and rejoins, they will see this message and know to message you.
  • /setmod [mod.tbm]
    *Set any reasonable mod you would like to host.

Once you have set these commands in your room, you will now need to tell the community that you are about to host a tournament, to do that you will need to go to in-game broadcast on the forums. Your global will be the main part to gain recognition, in your broadcast you SHOULD add the following:
  • /jo [room name]
    *Adding this will allow people to join your room from the broadcast pop-up on their client screen.
  • The mod they will be competing in
  • Prizes for the winner(s)
    *You can also add "trivia's" in the title if you will be including those.

You won't always have 28 players so aim for 15+ player's if possible. Once you have a reasonably good amount of player's in your room, you are now ready to start hosting!

Second step

Once you have a good amount of player's (15+) in your room, you can now start your introduction! this is where you will mute the whole room so that only you can type in chat and so that everyone can read what you are saying without any interruptions.

Your introduction should be explained well so the player's understand and it should be straight to the point, your introduction shouldn't take any longer than 30 seconds, if it takes too long then people are going to get bored and leave so get it over and done with.

What you should add in your induction:
  • Welcoming everyone to your tournament.
  • Rules of your server
  • The prizes you will be giving to the winner(s)
  • What to do if they disconnect from the server (in queue & during their match)
Hello and welcome to my tournament!
Mod is [mod you picked]
Rules: Follow global rules and don't be a nuisance
1st - [amount]
2nd - [amount]
3rd - [amount]
If you ping, tell me your last position, if you disconnect during your match then you're out, sorry.
Have fun, any questions just ask.

You can set your own rules up how ever you want, remember, it's YOUR tournament, so nobody should be telling you how to host your own tournament. You can add rules such as:
  • No Marketing.
    *This can keep the chat somewhat cleaner and less hectic.
  • English only.
    *This will make it risk free from player's taking advantage and breaking your rules without you knowing
    such as racial slurs, marketing, duel talking, toxicity in general.
So just add these into your introduction if you feel like it.

Third step

So you have set up your server with the commands and you have done your introduction but now you need to know how to run your tournament. Running your tournament isn't all that hard, it depends on how many player's you have in your tournament and what those player's are like.

Player's will be fighting whilst the room is filling up with player's and waiting for the tournament to start, you will let everyone know that the tournament will be starting after the match that is currently going on, the reason to waiting until after the match is for everyone to prepare themselves and to just let the two player's finish their match.

Once the match is over, you will simply /fknock [nickname] the player that had just won the warm up match and then type /knockout on; When this command is on and a player's loses in their match, they are put into spectator mode and won't be able to enter back in until the tournament is over.

When you have turned knockout mode on, you can now change the description of your room, set it to:
/desc Tournament STARTED

Now your tournament is live.

During the first match, there will more than likely be player's who will join late; To be fair, I will enter them into the tourney by typing /fenter [nickname] so that they have a chance and it also adds more player's into your tournament, however, after the first match has ended, you will NOT enter anyone who is late under any circumstances, if you do, all you're going to do is create controversy and people won't be happy and say it's unfair... which it is.

List of commands you will need to use:
  • /mute [nickname] - Mute's a single player
  • /unmute [nickname] - Unmute's single/all player's
  • /muteall [nickname] - Mutes all player's
  • /knockout on - Turns knockout mode on.
  • /knockout off - Turns knockout mode off.
    *For both of these, you will need to turn knockout mod on when the tourney starts and then off when it after the last match ends.
  • /reset (/rt) - Resets the match.
  • /specall (/spa) - Puts all player's in spectate.
  • /fknock (/fk) - Puts a single player at the bottom of the queue.
  • /kick [nickname]
  • /ban add [nickname]
    *The last 3 commands are to be used if someone is breaking your rules or being a nuisance in general.
  • /ban clear
    *Unban's all of the player's you had recently banned.

List of commands you can use but not a necessity:
  • /decapprize [amount]
    *Set's a decap prize.
  • /dismembermentprize [amount]
    *Set's dismemberment prize.
  • /centerprint [text] (/cp)
    *Announcing final's or anything you want everyone to recognize, this will pop up in the center of their client's page.
  • /minbelt [games played]
    *To stop alt's from joining your server.
  • /room set [title]
    *Changes the room name.
You can use these commands if want to add additional stuff to your tournament.

Fourth step

The tournament has started and player's are now competing, what to do now? well you have to keep an eye on everyone and everything that's going on:

Keeping an eye on player's:
  • Behaviour
    *Player's breaking your rule's
  • Disconnecting/pinging
    *Player's who have pinged will tell you so you will need to put them back where they was.
  • Talking about marketing and dueling
    *If you do not want these types of talks, then tell them not to talk about it or keep it to private talk i.e /whisper.
  • Trivia answer's
    *Making sure you know who answered your trivia's correctly first.
  • Asking you specific questions
    *You might get player's asking you what mod they are playing in and what the prizes are.

Keeping an eye on the room:
  • Player queue positions
  • If the room has ghosted on the server list
    *If this was to happen, simply type /room set [title]
A tip on queue positions, if you're on window's, there is a neat app called Snipping Tool. Take a screenshot of the queue list after every match, this is VERY useful if player's was to disconnect from the server so that you can check the screenshot you have and know exactly where they was in queue, then you simply type /fenter [nickname] and /nudge [nickname] [position] in queue. If a player had pinged during their match, then the rule is that they have technically lost and their opponent is automatically given the win, if a player pinged but didn't come back before their match and missed it, then it's the same thing, their opponent is given the win.

End of tutorial

Thanks for reading my tutorial and I hope this has helped you.
If I have missed anything or If there is anything that should/needs to be added then post it down below and I will update it.

I will be updating this thread in the future if hosting tournaments changes.