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Old Toribash player from 2014-2016 apologizing for sub-par behaviors in the past
Good morrow all. I used to be an avid Toribash player and this is one of my alt accounts that I used at one point and only one point (Smurfing ain't cool kids, don't do it, give the newbies a chance). I got a spark to play this game again from watching ConCon's videos and getting hit by the pure force of nostalgia.

I just wanted to make this post to address behaviors I've made in the past in these forums (that you may not remember and if you don't, good, I never want to look back on the past after posting this.) and I just want to apologize for my subpar behavior back when I used the Pokefan77 and DesertK accounts on here. I understand that I'm technically breaking a rule by posting in here since I have posted on the forum before, but I'd like to think the me now is a completely different/new person from the me before. (Still doesn't exactly help my case, but eh) Plain and simple, I was a stupid kid and this forum was the first and last forum I've ever used until modern day, and I didn't know how to socialize on the internet. I've grown since then and I feel a lot better as a result, less angsty and toxic too. (though this is Toribash what player isn't toxic to some degree? lol)

I cannot wait to redownload this game, find a way to permaban the alts I forementioned and completely zero out my account so I can have a fresh start and actually have fun playing the game and learning it the way it's intended to be learned. Hope to fight some of you soon. Keep kicking ass, taking names, and getting your asses handed back to you.