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Noob Coming back after many years! Hey Everyone hope you've been well!
Crazy times had me come back and enjoy this gem!

Looking forward to playing with you all! I don't really know if anyone is left but I hope so!
Welcome back my friend B). Very few moderation titles have changed along with the more relevant players. The only thing that hasn't changed is the constantly evolving legendary status of players and formulated events! Along with a very slight change of in-game "power" between individuals. 90% of the main admins/programmers that have been originally working at nabi studios are still prevalent and working hard on updating the game along with the continuation of updating/developing toribash next; keeping the community as alive and well as humanly possible. The status of the game is alive and well as it was several years ago. The most critical change is that replay makers are way more rare to find; and quote "popular" players are much easier to come into close contact to. I hope that this could be enough of an update on the current toribash ecostructure to help you understand where were at. If any word, question, comment, or request is needed please contact me @ Vassel#1992 on discord. My <3 goes out to all ya'll coming back!
[dog] Is and always will be my favorite clan