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How to join Staff?
Who are the Toribash staff?
These are the people with colored names you see on our platforms, where a complete list can be >found here<.
Toribash Staff members are devoted to ensuring the community is able to indulge in a safe, enjoyable and satisfying experience on the platforms it offers. Yes, this would mean in-game (game-client), the forums & on discord.

If you're interested to join in one of the teams, this answers in this thread will aid your endeavor.

However, first: You should >read up on the different groups of staff and their specific roles allocated for community work<.

How do I apply for a Staff position?
Simple, you send a private message with an application to the respective group you are applying for.

For example: If you're applying for the Event Squad, you would look up the current ES members from this list: ><
And you would proceed to send any member a private message with your application. You can do this by hitting that envelope icon next to their names. Usually, you should receive a response on whether you've been accepted / denied within 2-3 weeks.

What are the requirements?
Its difficult to be specific regarding requirements given the vast and diverse array of tasks we carry out. However, some certain obvious pointers to / before applying for a staff position would be:

  • having an account with a decent standing. (i.e. no involvement in serious offenses)
  • know the basic tasks (job description) of the role you are applying for.
  • be active

You aren't expected to know the infrastructure and inner workings of any role. But basic awareness of the role in question is expected from you.

Keep in mind, you should first decide on how you want to contribute, and then apply for the role that allows you to do it best!

Additionally, a good application speaks for itself. I highly recommend you read this wonderful >tutorial on how to write an application for a staff position< by Karen. This should give you an idea of what to write.

Do I get paid?
No. We are volunteer staff members and the work we do derives from passion to want to give back to the community.

I was denied, what do I do now?
Fear not. You're always allowed to reapply after a time period stated by the lead of the team in question. More often than not, applicants are denied due to lack of experience or inappropriate timing.

Do not be demotivated. Look around, work on your shortcomings and re-apply!

Okay, what if I get in and don't know what to do?
You don't have to worry. Every staff group offers an immersive and educational experience for you to gradually settle in and fully understand the role. This is what a the trial phase you will be initially put into is for. Talk to the members of your new team, we're always welcoming towards new recruits!
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