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Toribash Next Issues Thread.
If a mod wants to make this a TBN launch mega bug/issue thread, not gonna complain lol.

So far, in my limited time, I've noticed the following. Please correct me if this is intentional, I have no issues with that, but some things just feel off.

Ghosts look like they need to be a bit more transparent, hard to see through to my joints, more evident when using a force/relax and a ghost that are the same color.
Can't shift + W to pivot camera
Can't scroll through room list
Can't filter sort by room name, mod, player count, etc.
Can't see who's in a room by clicking on the room, takes me there with one click.
Can't preview ghosts and bloods in the store. Perhaps change the model with an arm missing to visualize blood
Where the snowfall item is in the store, I barely could tell I could scroll horizontally to achieve the page to purchase it, perhaps a horizontal scroll bar added to show there are more options.

As I type this, my TC data failed to load. Not sure the issue that caused this but it displayed 0TC when I have 220. Reloaded the game, it was fine.
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بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Bug: I was winning a aikido match, and all of a sudden my character bends his knees and fly's out of bounds and I wasn't even the one controlling it. The host stated he can move peoples joints even when he was queued as he wasn't my opponent at the time.

Issue: Also I love seeing the spectators, but if there was a threshold line to how close they can get to the actual fighters that would be awesome! also maybe personal customization for the spectators as well?

Issue: I don't like the thicker out-of-bounds aikido line.

Has a lot of potential, I dont dislike but was surprised at how much different the "feel" of the game is compared to the previous. I know the Devs, and help gotta be stressed right about now but just know the real has your back! Patience
There's no way to play it online.

Every time I try to play online when I join a queue and it's my turn I get on the middle of the screen a Hampa thing and it doesn't even let me move the camera.


There's a couple things that feel off to me.

When a joint is in an active state hitting the 'x' key will first put the joint in a relaxed state, and then a held state. This is the reverse of Toribash. While I understand TBN isn't Toribash, the controls are 99% the same and this would bump it up to 100% IMO, at least for the zxc control scheme.

In the store the material of an item is randomized. Clicking the item will give you another material, again randomized. In a list of 4 materials I might have to click 6 times to see the Toon Shaded material. This flippant design also gave me the gut feeling that once the item was in my inventory I would then be able to swap between the materials just as easily, but alas, I now own a plastic Vampire Force.
- Ghost not working properly, especially when extending knees
- In shop preview, the metal/toon/plastic etc are displayed randomly, making it annoying if you want to test a particular material. You need to click a lot of times.
- Scroll not working in multiplayer room
- There is some frame drop/lag between finishing a game and displaying the dq ring etc
- Needs FPS limit, my Radeon 6800xt is burning. Also when you are fullscreen and open the taskbar by pressing start then any random program (notepad as example) then you come back, the down arrow seems to be triggered continously.
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Why is the game using 10 gigs of ram out of 32?

This needs to be fixed immediately. The game's taking 20 times it's own size in my RAM!
The inability to scroll through the list of rooms was a pain. Also, I couldn't figure out how to refresh the list of rooms.

Good lock to the developers, though I'm really looking forward to playing Toribash Next
  • Server scroll (but sir knows that)
  • Turbo knee bounce.
  • Forced space when a player joins.
  • Camera flying away when alt tabbed.
  • Having to spec and reenter to allow another player in when I was previously alone in a room.
  • Slash commands are sorely missed, my cam flew away and I couldn't give another player owner before quitting.
  • Vsync / frame limiter.
  • Resolution selection, I managed to bork my res by resizing the window with click drag. Steam startup options are a workaround, for those who also get stuck (thanks froog).
  • I got infinite replayed once today, unsure if that's a network thing. I've had much better luck performance wise in the last couple of hours.
  • Button to return mod tool pages to default settings / values.
  • Unsure if this is a feature or a bug. When a user quits mid game their tori finishes out the game.
  • There's no "empty room" state, for example if I create a room and immediately spectate the current game just stops.
  • Why jelly bodies?
  • Are ghosts working as intended?
  • Why the limited comms on TBN?
  • Is this feedback useful?
  • Are there any Nicalis reps on the forum or in Discord?
  • Is Nabi hiring?
  • Thoughts on Steam reviews?

Apart from that, I've had fun mucking around online. I like the weapons, it makes creating interesting mods really straight forward. On that note, the mod maker is intuitive enough that I jumped in and made a basic gladiator mod that I could play immediately with randoms, while also being able to make changes when it was just me in the room. The player cards before a match cool too, I'm sure they will be user customizable at some point rather than randomly selected? I also like that there is less waiting between matches, in TB it often feels like both players have spaced but the server is still figuring that out. This doesn't seem to be the case with TBN.
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