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Losing points in multiplayer
I found something that happens alot to me (once a day at least) and that is very annoying. I'm in a game and winning, suddenly I lose tons of points and the other gains alot of them. I lose the game. When I go into the folders and check the autosave it shows clearly that I win and not the other guy.

What could cause this? It's very annoying to lose this way

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I attached the replay from both me and my opponent to the first post. Mine differs
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I was the opponent. It looks like replay files are full of lists of real numbers; shouldn't they be just a set of integers? i.e. the joint options for each player for each round?

yes, 1.95 for both of us.
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Actually this has happened to me quite a few times as well. I just thought it was some aspect of multiplayer scoring I didn't understand yet since I'm still relatively new to the game.

edit: Using v1.95 too.
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This is a bug. I'm trying to pin point why and when it happens. It has something todo with the server score calculations diffing from the client score calculations.

Thanks for the help.

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you could have only the server do the score calculations and that would eliminate the discrepancy.