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[READ-ME] How to write a tutorial
Hi. I've realized some new tutorials have a poor quality and they could be better. I decided to write this thread to help people a bit.

Some of tips listed here may be obvious for you but lots of people don't know how to write article well. This thread's purpouse is to prevent situations when every poster tells you what to add to your tutorial or just closing thread because it's bad or useless. Let's begin.

Before clicking New Thread button:

- Make sure you know everything about topic you want to write about. If not, don't post anything. Come back later with larger knowledge.

- If your tutorial isn't finished, don't post it. Instead of that write it in notepad or another text editing program. Maybe you'll get better ideas how to write it later?

- Make sure tutorial you want to write isn't already in tutorials index. It'll be good to check four first pages of tutorials section too (small exception: you can create the new thread when the old one is outdated or when your tutorial will be totally different).

What things you should remember while writing:

- Write your tutorial in english (this doesn't apply to basic Toribash guides written in certain languages. By the way, there should be way more of them).

- PLEASE DO NOT POST MOVE TUTORIALS, they're forbidden (move tutorials list joint combos that player has to use to achieve a certain result. Click here to view how move tutorial looks like) and they'll be instantly closed or removed. "But I want to teach people how to do cool kicks!" - you say. There's no problem with that, you just shouldn't write like the guy in example. Here's the right way to teach players moving. If you want to show others how to do openers, make a YouTube video instead.

- It's not nasecarry, but you can add 1 - 2 prefixes to your thread's name, such as: [SP], [MP], [ART], [Modding], [CLAN] etc. They'll easily inform people what your tutorial is about. And please don't use [Tutorial] or [TuT], thanks in advance.

- Don't use emoticons. They're disturbing. Same applies to abusing colours. Don't make whole text bold or mess around with too big letters.

- Don't "insult" people in thread names. Tutorials called like "wushu for dummies" usually gain less views. It's not banned but it doesn't look good either.

- Remember to add as many screenshots as possible. They should have good quality and size. Please use [IMG] tags, don't post links instead. You should keep eye on your tutorial from time to time to make sure your images didn't expired. Feel free to draw arrows, circles and other explainations.

- Try to make your post as much informative as possible. Always read every sentence twice. Make sure readers will understand what you wanted to tell them.

- Always link readers to threads that may help them.

- If you're unsure with something, DON'T POST FAKE AND OUTDATED INFORMATION. Asking doesn't hurt. Finding certain threads in Google too.


Well, that's basically all. I hope this thread helped you. Post here if you found something worth adding here or something isn't fully understandable. Always remember these tips and everything will be okay.
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