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Fighting Tutorial For New Members
Hi, i am razorsharp and im here to teach you how to do simple moves, welcome new comer, today we will learn how to fight in Classic.tbm

Clap Punch
Skill Requirment: White Belt
Replay: How To Clap
hold all
contract left pec
contract right pec
Hit the space bar, or in single player, hit the "P" button, and watch what happens ^_^

Side Kick
Skill Requirment: Yellow Belt
Replay: How To Side Kick
Hold All
Left Turn Chest
Contract right pec
Extend left pec
Extend left Glute
Contract left hip
Contract left knee
Space x1
Extend right glute
Relax left hip
Extend left knee
Raise left shoulder
Raise right shoulder
Space x1
Rotate chest right
Contract right glute
Contract right hip
Extend right ankle
Contract right knee
Space x2
Contract right hip
Extend right glute
Extend left knee
Space it out and watch ^_^

Side Kick (harder)
Skill Requirement: Blue Belt
Replay: How To Side Kick Harder
Relax all
Left rotate chest
Contract right pec
Extend left pec
Contract right elbow
Extend left glute
Extend right glute
Left bending lumbar
Extend right hip
Contract left hip
Contract right elbow
Turn right hand into grab hand (click on hand, it will turn thin)
Space it out an watch ^_^

Thank You For Reading

You may play around with these moves and make new ones, good luck new comer, i hope you enjoy your time playing this game, thanks for reading,

please donate tc to thise move service, for more moves contact me through private messaging.
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you have a permission to do this? (backseat moderating i know)

but anyways i think if some new comers will geth ere this will help them.
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Why would he need permission to be helpful?
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Anybody have any other good moves?

-Here's one of mine for aikido-
Turn 1:

Hold all
Grab both hands
Lower both shoulders
Contract both pecs
Contract abs
Contract both hips (optional)

Turn 2:
(Should be grabbing the other player at the hips)

Raise both shoulders
Extend abs
Extend both hips
Extend ankles (optional)

If done correctly it will lift the other player out of the dojo very fast
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