Save the picture files as whichever part you wish to preview into the folder. For example, if you want to preview a right thigh texture, save your picture as "r_thigh.tga".
Alright, I sent you the message, but none of mine ever go through, so I figured I'd post it here (Thank god I saved it, I'll just C/P):

I liked your guide on editing the item.dat a ton, but I found searching through the color codes annoying. So, I alphabetized and made a few improvements to
it. Improvements are:
Changed to Demo(lition) (In the shop it's listed as Demo)
Radioactive was misspelled, fixed.
Shaman was misspelled, fixed.

Well, I guees I may as well alphabetize that single number color assignment one, too.


~ [Fa]mily~
"You may have Downs, but you get me up." - Hucota7
Also, might want to include a completely blank item.dat, in case people edit uke's, but then want him to go back to regular.
~ [Fa]mily~
"You may have Downs, but you get me up." - Hucota7
Wait, you recieved my PM? Seriously? I ahvn't had a PM go through in months. Thanks.
~ [Fa]mily~
"You may have Downs, but you get me up." - Hucota7