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Tutorials - Board Rules
How/Why to use this board?:

This board is solely for the purpose of writing/reading tutorials.
If you'd like to share your knowledge and help the community out via composing a tutorial - ensure you've read the rules and proceed doing so.

Kindly, use this thread to request for a tutorial. And check the tutorials index before you make/request one.
Your efforts are best placed in newer territory.

Tutorial Board-specific Rules
The global rules apply as usual.

1) Useless Posting
Useless posts are a basic rule violation, posts such as 'Thanks' or 'Good tutorial' are useless.

Any post that does not contribute to the thread shall be deleted and/or warned.

2) Requests / Questions
If sufficient material was not provided to you in the aforementioned boards, feel free to come back and request an in-depth tutorial.

3) Tags
Ensure you've added a pre-fix from the drop down option while making your thread. This keeps things organized and says what your tutorial is about at a glance.

4) Prerequisite - Before you write a tutorial
Read this.
Attempting to compose a tutorial prior to understanding how to do so, or lacking sufficient information will lead to misinformation.

5) Plagiarism
Do not attempt to copy the content of an existing tutorial. If you
  1. would like to update their tutorial, simple work it out by messaging the user and bumping the existing thread.
  2. feel a complete rework is required, ensure you've mentioned and linked the original tutorial in your thread and proceed with your own tutorial.

Failure to follow board-specific rules
Would immediately result in your post / thread deleted, warned or infracted (in cases of repeated neglect or plagiarism).
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