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Help for: Can't open Toribash/game crashes
If your Toribash client is crashing, acting weird, or can't open in general, follow this guide to try and solve the issue:

1. Check Toribash system requirements.
First and foremost, make sure your computer can run the game:



Steam OS + Linux

2. Update your drivers.
Make sure all of your drivers are up to date (especially graphics drivers) and if they're not, update them!
Important: after updating drivers don't forget to restart your computer.

How to update your drivers

3. Check your internet connection.
Sometimes Toribash may crash because of inconsistent or low internet connection (e.g. slow Wi-Fi), so make sure your internet is consistent.
If your Wi-Fi is slow consider using ethernet cable.

4. Disable your firewall.
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Occasionally a Firewall can prevent users from connecting to Toribash servers. Here are a few solutions to that problem.

Disabling a Microsoft Firewall

Disabling a Comodo Firewall

Disabling a Mac Firewall

5. Re-install the game/try Steam version
Sometimes all it takes is a fresh installation of the game, so go ahead and install the newest version of Toribash, then try to get online again. Try to install Toribash on Steam as it is always most recent and least troublesome version of the game.

6. Check for possible solutions in this thread.

If none of these steps happen to work, please make your own thread in Technical Support board explaining the issue.