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Bug reports, feature requests and pipe dreams
Bug reports
Disclaimer to avoid wasting anyone's time: the bugs listed below have not been fixed by verifying game files or completely reinstalling the game from scratch multiple times.

  • Settings keep resetting (Consistently replicated on both x86- and ARM-based macOS machines.)
    So far this has set my music and sound effects to 0, and disabled advanced tooltips, happens at least once a day. It's possible other settings are affected too, but these are the ones that have annoyed me personally. This seems to happen both during gameplay (for example, after playing a few games, sounds and or music stop playing), and when starting the game.
  • Exit Toribash-crash (Consistently replicated on both x86- and ARM-based macOS machines.)
    The in-game Exit Toribash-button freezes the game for a second or so, and then crashes the game with the OS diagnostic window. Here's the Crash.txt report.
  • Zeroed out currencies (Consistently replicated on both x86- and ARM-based macOS machines.)
    Changing graphics settings, and in rare occasions, extended play sessions cause player TC and ST to show up as 0, making it impossible to buy anything in the store and market, or betting on matches. Reloading inventory, messing around with the items does not fix this, requiring a full restart.
  • In-game new sale offer values (Consistently replicated on both x86- and ARM-based macOS machines.)
    The in-game new sale offer-menu doesn't allow manual entry into the buyer pays-section despite being a text entry field visually identical to the you get-section.
  • Head preview incorrect (Consistently replicated on multiple iOS- and iPadOS-devices.)
    The player head preview shows default textures and no 3D items. Relogging in, using /dl to download myself, activating and deactivating items and textures has not fixed this.
  • Some effect settings broken (Consistently replicated on multiple iOS- and iPadOS-devices.)
    3D items and flames are only shown when the setting is set to Enabled. Only show mine does not show either player's 3D items or flames.
  • Inconsistent DQ Texture effect (Consistently replicated on both x86- and ARM-based macOS machines.)
    Functionality of the item is inconsistent, as sometimes it uses the entire texture, like limb trails, and sometimes it fills the entire ring with a solid colour, starting from one end of the texture to another. Some modes with a DQ timer also seem to skew, stretch and spin the texture around using the inner side as some kind of anchor point, although this might also just be intended behaviour.
  • Corrupted (?) (I have been unable to replicate this issue after it happened once on an ARM-based macOS machine.)
    My in-game friends list and move memories - including both the ones given by the tutorial - and the ones I've made myself were missing one day. Steam didn't report any issues with the game files, and I found the move memory files in the game's files despite not appearing in-game. I have since reinstalled the game from scratch and made new move memories, so unfortunately I can't provide files for examination.

Feature requests

  • Hotkey rebinding
    Currently it is possible to view the hotkey bindings inside the game, but they can't be rebound (or straight up unbound).
  • Disabling scroll wheel joint state cycle ( Feature implemented in v5.68 )
    Gesture-enabled mice and sensitive touchpads seem to frequently and unintentionally trigger the mouse scroll wheel joint state cycling. It would be great if this could be disabled.
  • Enabling mobile joint state pie-menu on PC
    The joint state pie-menu on iOS is great, would love to be able to enable this on PC.
  • Disabling background blur when in menus
    The subtle blur effect when browsing menus seems to use an excessive amount of resources, way more than a realtime fullscreen blur should. Assuming it just has to be this expensive because of how this game renders things, it would be great if the effect could be disabled when using the light UI mode, or as a separate option.
  • Advanced item sets
    In addition to supporting custom names, these could also support custom descriptions and / or custom icons. This would help with organisation, and just look nice. Would cost more than regular sets, of course.

Pipe dreams

  • Comprehensive view of all items
    Figuring out what's available (or has been available) is an absolutely incomprehensible nightmare right now. It would be absolutely indescribably incredible to have even a rudimentary list of all items that don't have the hidden- and locked-flags enabled.
  • Searching entire inventory
    It would be great if searching inside the inventory included results from sets not currently inside of.
  • Inventory grid view
    A way to look at and interact with your in-game inventory in a grid view. Possibly there is no need for the name field when the icons are bigger, although making bigger icons could be a problem as I'm assuming old items have very low resolution imagery. Still, this would be absolutely amazing to have. Here's a basic mockup:

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