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Bug with foot and floor
Basically, when you hit the floor too hard the characters foot will go straight through and the ankle will hit it, resulting in a DQ. I've had this happen about 4 times since .95 which is kinda annoying.
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this is when you kick your toes into the ground and dismember yourself and the ankle hits, thats what you mean?
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No I think he means that the ankle goes through the foot... Or that the foot will go in to the floor a bit and the ankle hits the floor then.
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Re: Bug with foot and floor
I'm just digging around the autosave folder now for a replay showing what I mean. The foot is never decapped, it just passes through the floor. In .95 you'd lose your foot (thats in one of the replays in that video I posted) but it doesn't happen like that now.

Edit: There we go. Frame 92/93 is where it happens.

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Re: Bug with foot and floor

The ground and limbs are a bit soft so it's possible to DQ "through" the foot as you say.

I'm not going to do any special collision hacks for this. I have a DQ limb flag on my todo list. When that is done we can turn of ankle DQ in the server.