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Hey, im Zwar !
Hey guys im Zwar, im atm 10th dan and i live in France, i started the game 4 years ago and i saw that game getting bigger and bigger thanks to an unbelivable community. my real name is Nathan and im 18 (turning 19 on august). If you guys have any question, you should Join this group.

P.S : Here is my Discord : Zwar#2490

Thanks for reading,

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Hi, Zwar!
Glad to see you're enjoying the game and the forums, but please only make threads if you're new to the game or were previously inactive for a while!
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1. Don't make threads if you're not a new/previously inactive member
Please don't make threads if you are not new to the forum. Making threads in this board is for newcomers and old previously inactive members (two years or older) to introduce/reintroduce themselves.

Thanks! If you have any questions please PM me.