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A new player
Hi everyone! I'm Datdude2, and i'm really new to this game, even though i seen it like years ago, but when i didn't really care about Toribash, it's also my first time ever posting a thread on toribash forum. And yeah, i also downloaded this game a few days ago but i didn't want to post something, i though i would wait a bit. I also really like the Judo, And the classic mode.
Sooo, that's all, i hope someone will see this post! (also, even though i'm a yellow belt i just got it today, aka on 04.01.2019, so that's still makes me a newcomer)

See ya later guys!
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Welcome back to Toribash man! The forums are probably a whole new world, but there some pretty neat topics throughout.

Hope you have a nice time back, maybe we will run across each other more ingame or on the forums sometime