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DeakManiac introduction
I know it's been at least a good year or 2 since I have played this game...
So, I will do a introduction:
I haven't fully made a return, just going to come stop by and chat here and there but I have been playing Toribash since 2008. I am very well hated/sought at, have a deep dark history on toribash and even have accounts still on permban list.

Anyway, the new deak:
24 years old, own house, own car, busting my ass off at a mill, got a little 1 year old girl now....
Nothing really changed besides that except I grew up...
want to know me more? feel free to ask in here.
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Originally Posted by Smaguris View Post
Welcome back dude. What are your permabans for?

i was a crazy childish punk back in the day and constantly causing problems and chaos. I deserved every ban I got back in the day honestly, but thankfully I grew up.
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Reopened, welcome back Deak.
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uwu i wuv you uwu
Welcome back
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Well it's been a minute. Welcome back though, good to have you.
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