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Hi! Nostalgia hits hard
It's been 4 years since i last played, so I'll make a new introduction, since I kind of want to keep playing.

Hey guys, I'm ESoldier25. I was a kid back then and I really liked this name but I don't now, so you can call me fire heart (or fire) or however you want :P
I used to play back in 2014-2015, when the community was pretty big; I noticed it's got smaller, but it's still active and fun!
Though I noticed a lot of changes based on rank, I realised I can be pretty competitive if I relearn how to fully control my body again during the turn timer (which won't be pretty soon, jk)
Well, yeah. I used to be in a clan and it was pretty fun. Too bad I quit because of some other game. I missed these mechanics.

I really hope I get to know more people here, veterans or newer players!
Hey! It's good to see you back. Obviously there has been a lot that has changed, if you have any questions about any of it, feel free to PM me