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NewMenu Replay Cache
I am an unintellectual. When I use the new menu, it never allows me to load my repalys. It starts updated and loading the cach, it stopped at 82% and crashed every time, but i moved all replays out of it and now it gets to 100% then crashes. Same thing happens when I reload the replay for the flash event so I have to opt to the old menu and submit it.

Any tips? ALso Ily <3
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Does it crash or go unresponsive?

If it crashes, there should be a dump file in Toribash folder (with .dmp or .mdmp extension), please upload that here so I can investigate.

If it goes unresponsive, please upload your replaycache.dat file from your replay folder here, then try deleting it and opening replays screen again.
If it gets stuck again, chances are there's some replay with corrupted data - ideally I'll need the folder where it gets stuck so I can see which replay exactly causes it.