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How to import and use custom OBJ for mp maps ?
Hello guys, im trying to import some custom OBJ models from blender to create a custom map and i have many questions...

1- First, how to do it ?
i understand that there is an option in the modmaker tool to import a model in.obj but it dosent seem to work, i only get a blank page, where should i place my custom obj ?

2- How would the texturing work for custom OBJ ? in Unity we usually export the OBJ including the uvmap and then reapply the textures in the game, but here i have no clue, can i even texture an object ?

3- Can i import a single model like a room with some tables or a ring as a single OBJ and recolor the diffent meshes individually or should i import each pieces, like the floor, the walls, the roof etc ?

4-For a custom mod using imported obj's, would it work in multiplayer ? will people download my objs in their game while loading the custom map or would they just get missing objects ?

5- can i resize custom OBJ in the editor ?

i hope theses questions where not asked before, i was unable to find any result searching for obj in the forums.

Please note that i know very well how to create models or texture stuff in blender.


So, i got help on the forums and i understood a few things.

-imported object would have no collisions at all, you can make decorative environements but not solid objects

-there is no texturing, only the solid colors from TB

-the modmaker tool to "import" object dosen't work, you apparently have to use a text editor to edit the custom object in your mod.

-if i understood all the above correctly, well, importing custom OBJ's is useless but i figured that even if the ingame editor is annoying and slow to use, it works and if you combine it with the Notepad++ to edit the tbm file you can do some very nice stuff.
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