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Hai i just started and i thought if i could get anyone to teach me aikido?
I am trained in wushu a little but i am reaaallyy bad at aikido
So i thought if any of you guys could help me a lil'? Thanks!?
Hey there. Check out this only in-depth aikido guide:

Might fill you in with some basics as well as some tips. If you are not the reading type, check out this board for aikido classes:

If you want to join a class, open it's thread and read the first post carefully. Good luck!
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Hey,well bro,aikido is easy,i recommend you to train in multiplayer,it's the more easy way to learn,and check the Hero's link too
First of all, its great you have joined the Toribash Community! I would love to teach you some classes in your and mine spare time, I am not the best but I do know some tips and how to make movements flow. If interested just throw me a pm Good luck
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Guys i'm not so good at aikido because i disslike it but i can be like a teacher for you guys that will learn you to play this game like a bunch of pros!